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  Stabilized chlorine dioxi
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  Polyethylene wax
  YZ-PE-20 premix
  Calcium stearate
  Polymerization inhibitor
  Cobaltous carbonate & man
  Polyethylene oxide
  n-propyl acetate
Cobaltous carbonate & manganous carbonate

It is brown red crystal or powder, it can be used in cobalt catalyst, preparation of cobalt salt, the nutrient of animal, glass, ceramics, enamel & magnetic material, colorant of pigments such as Cobalt blue, cobalt blue, cobalt green.

Standard:  Q/320116 JXHG 07-2014



Co (as dry), %≥


Moisture, %≤


Mn(as dry), %

report value


Remark: Packed in woven bags with liner of plastic or packed in galvanizing metal pail. Load gently, avoid knock and shock. Stored in dry & ventilating place, far away from heat and moisture. Do not store this product together with acid, liquid ammonia etc..

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